Review: Flamenco Barcelona

I was recently invited by Flamenco Barcelona to attend one of their shows at City Hall.


This was the first time I’ve been to City Hall (The club, not the ajuntamiento’s offices) despite friends having invited me there for concerts, and if I remember right, an edition of Ven Tú.


So it was more than a little strange to walk into a club venue to watch a Flamenco performance. The place is your typical bare bones club décor, functional and designed for near darkness. Inside there was a small group of chairs arranged in front of a high stage. Now I tend to like my Flamenco sweaty and intimate, but if you that’s not your scene, this is a perfectly acceptable alternative.


The group consisted of four musicians and three dancers. After a complex but slow solo by the singer, the dancers took over, and they were very good. Style, grace, and, to the eyes of someone who doesn’t know the technicalities, it looked beautiful. This was classical flamenco. Even my companion, a Barcelonian I’d dragged along who thought flamenco was coutre, was forced to admit, “Ey, they’re very good huh!”


So there you have it. The venue is a bit strange, but the performance was good enough to drag grudging respect even from a too-cool-for-flamenco-because-I’ma-local guy. As a lover of flamenco, I prefer, sweat, passion, and gypsy power. But if you prefer the classical form, and space to breathe, Flamenco Barcelona does the job.


Visit their website at Flamenco Barcelona for details. They have shows Thursday-Sunday, at 19:30 and 21:30.

Address: City Hall, Rambla Catalunya 2-4 (on the corner of Placa Catalunya)

Telephone: 622 517 065



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