Things to do in Barcelona: Get Nekkid (non sexually)

…the sun on your bum, the wind on your fanny, or the waves at your balls.

Go to the beach like a local

We’re catching the sun on the beach. We’re topless and unselfconscious.

Once you’ve lived here for a few years there are some truths about life you absorbe from the locals, one being that life is just so much better without bras and bikini tops.

To our left, a woman reclines on her side, rubenesque and naked, chatting to the young couple on a towel a few feet away. The woman’s three year old is accepting pebble gifts from the young couple with such toddler gravitas that everyone within earshot is watching, charmed.

An old man, deeply bronzed and well hung, stands in thigh deep in the water. A gang of little children play around him. Shrieking water sprites with snorkles and inflated arm bands. We make obligatory jokes about the magnifying effect of water.

It’s one of my favourite things about beaches in Barcelona and around. This great demystification of the human body. Young, old, thin, or fat. Each one with an equal right to enjoy the sun on your bum, the wind on your fanny, or the waves at your balls.


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