Things to do in Barcelona: Get Nekkid (sexually)

Needing a post film noir drink, we left the Filmoteca on Sunday night and headed to Madame Jasmine.


It seemed to be kink night that night. Isn’t every night kink night you ask? Pretty much, there just seemed to be a little more than normal. There was the smiling naked man for one. My friend K recognised him. “Hey, I’ve seen you at Freedonia. But you had a collar and leash on then.”


He looks a little embarrassed. “Yeah I wasn’t prepared to dress up to today. But then I turned up and it seemed like people were dressing up, so I just took off my clothes…..and I’ve got this as part of my outfit,” he holds up a dog bowl which he then hands to the barman to be refilled.


Meet Hombre Perro, also known as Ivan. He used to work as an architectural photographer, but now he’s retired and likes to spend his time renting himself out as a mandog. Do you want a human dog hanging out in your terrace? Want something for your guests to pet at your next party? Hombre Perro is your man.……


Para sus fantasias y celebraciones

Lo que su imaginasion desee

Rianse, diviertense, Juegen

O venga a nuestros actos, cenas con espectaculo y tuppersex muy esepcial….

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Facebook: Ivan Hombreperro Lameculos


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