World Press Photo a.k.a wtf is wrong with us?

After spending two days and two nights sailing on the Mediterranean Sea on the deck of the M.S.F. (Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders) search and rescue ship Bourbon Argos, rescued migrants - still wrapped in their emergency blankets - catch sight of the Italian coast for the first time soon after dawn. 23 August 2015 In 2015 the ever-increasing number of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea on unseaworthy vessels towards Europe led to an unprecedented crisis. Nearly 120 thousand people have reached Italy in the first 8 months of the year. While the European governments struggled to deal with the influx, the death toll in the Mediterranean reached record numbers. Early in May the international medical relief organization Médecins Sans Frontières (M.S.F.) joined in the search and rescue operations led in the Mediterranean Sea and launched three ships at different stages: the Phoenix (run by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station), the Bourbon Argos and Dignity.

WTF is wrong with us?

It’s a question which will enter your mind several times as you walk through the World Press Photo Exhibition.

You’ll see faces, close up and intimate, in moments of fear, despair, and pain, and you’ll feel futile anger. But go. Go and meet these people. Look in their faces and witness their moment with them. Stand in front of the photograph and meet their eyes. Bear witness.

Go with a friend but don’t discuss the pictures. Don’t turn them into anecdotes, wise opinions, or clever responses. Don’t distance yourself from them. Just experience it and you’ll find yourself closer to them. And it’s not all war and death. There’s sports, and nature and simple living too. Meet them all.


Date: Ongoing until 11th Decemeber
Venue: CCCB, Montalegre 5, Barcelona
Price: 6 Euros or 4 Euros (Discount- take your library card)
More information on the World Press Photo Exhibition in Barcelona here.


Inside the World Press Photo Exhibition




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